We have had the immense pleasure to work with a wide variety of wonderful customers across the area. Here are just a few good things that some of them have to say about our work. Want to help us write our next testimonial? Contact us today!

Andi says:
“Several people in the area had recommended Dustin Schell when I inquired for a local electrician for a new pole building project near Cumberland. I had a great experience with him, the finished product exceeded expectations and was below budget. He was full service, he helped me from pulling permits, inspections, planning out my space and sourcing the best equipment for my needs. Moving forward he will be my go-to electrician. The builder was Morton and Dustin worked great with the builder and all other subs.”

Courtney says:
“We were abruptly awoken by our smoke detector going off the other morning. Come to find out the unit needed to be replaced and the wiring was a bit off. Thankfully Dustin was able to talk us through what we needed to do to prevent it from going off again and was over to replace all of the units in a very reasonable time frame. We are thankful for his help in creating a safer home for our family!”

Ronan says:
“Dustin was super responsive and made space in his schedule to install a dedicated circuit for us, which our renovation couldn’t move forward without. (Even coming out in the middle of a snowstorm to do it!) His can-do attitude kept the entire project on schedule. He was knowledgable, friendly, and knew exactly what we needed to make the renovation safe, efficient and up to code. Plus he was just a great guy to work with. He’ll be our first call the next time we need any electrical work done, and he’s even experienced with solar power – so we’ll be dreaming about being able to do that at some point in the future! 10/10 would recommend working with him.”

Eva says:
“I was referred to Dustin from my neighbor who had nothing but wonderful things to say about him. We are building a new cabin and his knowledge and experience was so helpful and appreciated. He was super easy to work with and great at explaining things. Whenever I had changes he was quick to make everything perfect for us. I will recommend Dustin to anyone needing anything electrical. The experience was awesome and we couldn’t be happier!”

Susan says:
“We hired them to fix a loss of power to our detached garage. They diagnosed and fixed the problem quickly.”

Sherry says:
“Dustin and Damion installed our Cummins Whole house generator. They get a 5 star rating for sure. They were great to work with. Went above and beyond to satisfy our needs. I would highly recommend this company.”